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Buying Kayaking Equipment for the first time, well it can be exciting and trying at the same time. It is a time that is filled with excitement because of starting something new, mixed with the worries that you have with any large purchase. Getting started in any sport can be a little hard on your wallet. That is why a lot of people new to Kayaking want to know what is some of the more important Kayaking Equipment they will need to get started. There absolutely are some items that are must-haves when it comes to being a paddler. And , there is other kayaking equipment that can be more a matter of preference and aren't needed at all. Below you'll find a quick description of the essential kayaking equipment that a kayaker should have as well as other not-so-needed gear that you may want to take into consideration when making your purchases.

Necessary Kayaking Equipment

Kayak: Whitewater kayaks are absolutely different from Sea or Touring kayaks. The kind of kayak you select ( inflatable kayak, folding kayak, sit on top kayak, fishing kayak etc ) depends completely on what type of kayaking you are going to do and what amount of paddling experience you have.

Kayak Paddles: Every single style of kayaking has a distinct type of paddle. When shopping look at the kayak reviews that others recommend, it might help you to find out which paddle goes with the kayak you decide to purchase.

Kayak PFD: PFD stands for Personal Flotation Device and is basically a life jacket or life preserver for kayakers. These are NOT the bulky old orange life jackets from years ago. Kayaking PFDs are made especially for the sport.

Kayak Spray Skirt: Spray skirts are to keep the water out of the kayak. They are necessary for Whitewater and Sea Kayaking. If you are just going to be recreational kayaking you can do without them. It's essential to make sure that the skirt fits both you and also the kayak.

Kayak Helmet: Helmets are a requirement for Whitewater Kayaking. They are not required for Sea Kayaking. I always recomend using a helmet when Kayaking.

Non-essential Kayaking Equipment (until you need them)

Kayak Clothing (Dry Top, Drysuit, Wetsuit, Paddle Jacket) This is completely a matter of your own preference and will also depend on the water temperature. Most people generally use a dry top at least. Other individuals paddle without using any of these items all throughout the summer.

Kayak Shoes: Make sure they are comfortable and that you fit in to the kayak when wearing them.

Kayak Gloves: This is also a preference item as some people hate to wear gloves. However, in addition to keeping your hands warm giving you a better grip, gloves will also protect your knuckles from scrapes and gashes.

Rope Bag: It could allow you to save the life of a buddy. I strongly recommend all paddlers to carry a rescue throw bag.

Knife: This can be one of those products you may almost certainly never ever use. However in the event you get tangled up in a rope or stuck beneath a boat, you will be glad that you have one.

Float Bag: This can keep your food, camera, and other items dry. Make sure it is attached really well inside of the kayak.

While this is not a complete list of items it will give you a good idea of the Essential Kayak Equipment and the Non-essential Kayaking Equipment you may want.

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